The new way to communicate with your customers in real time

Raise your business profitability by enhancing the experience and quality of the customer service.

Feedbackua Servicios y productos para la satisfacción y fidelización de clientes.


The essential business management tool for raising profitability

Feedbackua® allows you to discover and learn about your customers’ needs, monitoring and managing all processes in real time. Interact with them from all departments of your company through one single app.

Receive instant notifications about their needs and problems.
Improve customer retention rates with Feedbackua®.


A new way to communicate with your customers

A deep change in the customer-supplier relationship. No more never-ending email threads: With Feedbackua®, you are obtaining a management app to meet all of your company’s needs. It is the most agile and direct way to communicate.

Poor communication always takes its toll, both on costs and on service quality. No more slow and tedious processes for both parties. Feedbackua® is speed, agility, and satisfaction.

Situations you will improve using Feedbackua

A happy customer is a faithful customer. Read, meet and solve all your needs in real time from one place.
Feedbackua® is the next step in evolution for commercial customer-supplier relationships, which allows you to analyse and make decisions before it’s too late.

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If no-one tells you what you are doing wrong, you will never learn. And without learning, there is no improvement. Feedbackua® is a listen-to-learn tool.

Some companies which have already conquered (commercially) their customers


An accessible app for everyone

  • 100 % in the Cloud and free for your customer
  • Metrics can be exported to Excel files
  • Quick and easy interaction
  • Combines ERP and CRM
  • Direct line of communication
  • Analyses and detect possible improvements

Providing better quality interactions
at lower costs.

Improves the rate of repetitive buying
Cuts your customers loss rate
Raises cross-selling figures
Generates more positive word of mouth
Improves the brand image
Lowers operational costs